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Women’s Health:

At DBC Naas Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic we can offer you a range of physiotherapy interventions that are specific to women’s health issues.

Ante natal and post natal Pilates:

Many women struggle to find exercise that they can do comfortably throughout their pregnancy. Over the last few years Pilates has become very popular as a safe and effective way to exercise during your pregnancy.

Why Pilates?
  • Pilates is great for building ‘’core strength’’. It helps to strengthen abdominals, gluteals (buttock muscles), back and pelvic floor muscles. Imagine your core stability muscles to be like a corset that supports your back. If these muscles are working correctly, pregnancy related back and pelvic pain can be reduced.
  • Pilates during pregnancy is very adaptable and can be easily modified as your abilities and body changes.
  • Pilates promotes awareness and correction of common postural changes associated with pregnancy.
  • Improving strength of the pelvic floor muscles.
It is always advisable to check with your mid-wife or GP to make sure they are happy for you to start exercising. To be eligible for the ante natal Pilates you must be at least 16 weeks pregnant and 6-8 weeks following delivery for the post natal Pilates.

Pregnancy and post pregnancy Back Pain:

The pelvis can become very mobile during pregnancy due to hormonal changes. This can lead to severe back and pelvic pain.

Physiotherapy includes:
  • Realigning the pelvis
  • Re-training postural muscles
  • Teaching you how to use your pelvic floor and core stability muscles
  • Manual therapy and trigger point release
  • Treatments will be based on a full assessment and will vary depending on your individual needs.

Bladder dysfunction

There are several types of bladder dysfunction that physiotherapy can be helpful for.

Stress incontinence

When an innocuous event such as a cough or sneeze causes you to have a leak

Urge incontinence

When an overpowering urge to go to the toilet precedes a leak and you find that you just have not got enough time to get to the bathroom


When you find it very difficult to control the urge to go to the toilet.


When there is a need to use the toilet for more than 8 times in a 24 hour period

Physiotherapy will aim to identify the cause of the problem and then set you up on the most appropriate form of treatment. Sessions will not involve an internal examination.

For further information and/or to make an appointment, please contact us today.