Update: Re-opening COVID-19 Notice

Update: Re-opening COVID-19 Notice

Patient are asked not to attend if they have any respiratory symptoms, a high temperature and/or are feeling unwell.

The safety of our patients and our employees is our number one focus at this time, due to this we are implementing the following protocol and procedures.

Appointment Protocols.

  • Patient registration forms and COVID-19 screening will be carried out over the phone when booking prior to your appointment.
  • The day before your appointment you will receive a text as a reminder of your appointment
  • When you arrive it is recommended you wait in your car until your appointment time, if you walk we kindly ask you wait outside, weather permitting. If any of the above is not possible you are welcome to wait in our waiting room which complies with social distancing standards.
  • Upon arrival your temperature will be taken and if you don’t have a mask one will be provided for you along with hand sanitizer.
  • We ask you to pay at the start of your appointment to avoid unnecessary waiting post treatment.
  • We have allocated longer treatment times to allow for reduced crossover and time to sterilize post sessions.
  • If applicable your session or part of it will be carried out in our open spaced gym to allow for social distancing.
  • At risk-patients and seniors will be scheduled at low-traffic hours to minimize contact.
  • Telehealth can also be utilized by at-risk patients

Clinic Sanitation Procedures

  • Hand sanitizers and masks are provided upon entry to the clinic if required.
  • Physiotherapists will use a combination of relevant PPE in the form of masks, goggles, gloves, visors and/or aprons and will adhere to relevant health guidelines from the HSE
  • The clinic and frequently touched areas will be cleaned fully at the start, end and throughout each working day using medical-grade disinfectants
  • Between each patient, additional time has been allocated to allow the physiotherapist to sterilize equipment used.
  • Extractor fans are present throughout the clinic which will function to remove and circulate fresh air from outside to in.
  • Central light switches have been installed to avoid unnecessary surface contact


We would like to thank you for your ongoing support and if you have any further question or queries contact us on tel: (045) 874133 or by email: physiosportdbc@gmail.com

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