Three Week Plan to Get Fit for Skiing – Week 3

Three Week Plan to Get Fit for Skiing – Week 3


Week Three

The goal of Week 3 is to increase the intensity a little bit more and hit the major muscles that will be using when you’re skiing down the slopes.


3 rounds (4 minute rest in between rounds)

30 Push ups

50h Mountain Climbers

30 second side plank (left side)

30 second side plank (right side)

50 Squats

Since there is a long rest between rounds, these exercises are to be done at sprint speed.

To perform a mountain climber start in the plank position.  Alternating legs, step your foot as close to your hands as possible.  Left + right = 1 rep.


Rest Day



2 times through

1 mile run at Tabata Intervals (20 seconds at 90%, 10 seconds at 60%)

5 minutes rest

2 minutes of squats

5 minute of rest



Rest Day



5 rounds

1 minute speed skaters

30 sec V-Hold

2 minute rest

Saturday 21-14-7

15 minutes AMRAP (As many rounds as possible)

10 Lateral Burpee Box Jumps

10 Lunges

10 Medicine Ball V Twists




Rest day



  Couch Stretch – 4 minutes each leg.


Following this 3 week programme will give you a solid foundation for your ski trip.  Your legs, abdominal and oblique muscles have been strengthened considerably as well as your lower back.  You should be facing your trip in a much healthier manner with faster recovery time and a decreased chance of getting an injury.


Happy Skiing!

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