Three Week Plan to Get Fit for Skiing

Three Week Plan to Get Fit for Skiing

Week One

The goal of Week 1 is not to overdo it but to reawaken some dormant muscle groups to get in to the swing of working out again.



Sit ups and Box Jumps

First its 50 Sit ups and 50 Box Jumps, then 40 Sit Ups and 40 Box jumps and so on until the end.



Rest Day


Heel Taps* – AMRAP in 5 minutes (AMRAP = As Many Reps As Possible) 3 minutes rest.

Medicine Ball Side Lunges – AMRAP in 3 minutes, 2 minutes rest

Burpees  – AMRAP in 1 minute

*On a heel tap stand up on a low box with one leg hanging off the box.  Lower yourself down until your heel touches the floor and then push yourself back to a standing position with the leg that’s still on the box.



Rest Day



1 minute – 10 dips and then as many burpees possible for the remainder of the minute.

1 minute rest

Do 3 rounds


V-Twists  – 20 reps

Speed Skaters 1 minute of

1 Minute rest

Do 8 rounds


In Week One include one hour of stretching and joint mobilization exercises for injury prevention.

Foam Roll Exercises for myofascial release

Sit on foam roller, support your body weight with your hands and roll the roller with your backside.  2 minutes

Then do same for hamstring, quads, calves.

Follow by stretching hip flexor, abs, quads, glutes, hamstrings,  adductors and calves.



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