Prevention and Treatment of Calf Strains

Prevention and Treatment of Calf Strains

Calf strain is a relatively common injury that can sometimes go unnoticed.  A calf strain involves a tear of the muscle fibres in the lower half of the leg and it is graded according to severity or number of muscle fibres torn.

Signs of a tear that would require physiotherapy include a sharp pain at time of injury, pain with walking, swelling, bruising and discolouration.

If you have experienced any of the symptoms listed above, it is important that you engage in appropriate pain management, allow time to rest, and elevate the leg in the early stages. It is then advisable to contact one of our Chartered Physiotherapist who will help you to further reduce pain and restore flexibility, strength, and function.

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If you have not experienced a calf strain but would like to prevent possible occurrence, a few tips are listed below;

  1. Perform an adequate warm- up (appropriate for the type of sport you are performing).
  2. Perform a cool down involving a flexibility component.
  3. Adequately nourish and hydrate both before training and before matches so as to reduce possible fatigue, which can predispose muscles to increased risk of injury.

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